The Box Room Escape – Ventriloquist (Review)

Location: Charlotte, NC

Players: 2-7

Price: $27 per person

Time to Escape: 60 minutes

What’s that boy? Little Timmy’s gone missing in the old theatre?


The old Ventriloquist’s theatre has been under investigation recently after a rash of child disappearances in the area, but after a fire broke out in the building, the inquiry has come to a halt. Another child has gone missing, and now it’s up to you and your team of detectives to break into the theatre to save him, and hopefully put an end to the horror.

First Impressions:

From the start, The Box was a fantastic experience. The lobby is decorated like an old movie theatre, and the gentleman at the front desk played his part well. It’s always good for the immersion to begin immediately, and The Box had this down perfectly. As we were led behind the velvet rope, it felt as though we were sneaking backstage into the Ventriloquist’s lair. The game began soon after a great in-theme briefing by our game master, so with only an hour to solve the mystery, we drew back the curtain on our adventure and wow, was it a creepy good time.

High Points:

From our first step into the Ventriloquist’s old theatre, I felt like we were really there. Theming was on point, with a creepy mood set, and held, throughout. The puzzles were fun, but not overly taxing, and our searches found something new at almost every turn. Clever hiding spots abounded, and there were quite a few moments that made me say ah ha! There was an extremely good twist on an old escape room favorite, as well as a few spooky touches that activated as we made our way through the mystery.

Low Points:

There were a couple clues that seemed to point towards the same puzzle, which was confusing, but we didn’t lose any time on this due to a small mistake in the reset. The puzzles trended toward the easier side for our group of enthusiasts, but that was a really minor nitpick as the room was so much fun. And that’s really it!


The Box has crafted a fantastically solid experience that ups the creep factor without being overtly scary, and draws you in from the second you enter the door. I highly recommend this room to anyone looking for an all around fantastic adventure. Book your escape from The Ventriloquist here!

9/10 (Excellent)

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