Enter the Conundrum – Dr. Wunderbruggen’s Brewery Brouhaha (Review)

Location: Asheville, NC

Players:  2-10 (We recommend 4-6)

Price: $25 per person

Time to Escape: 60 minutes

A rare comedy room that delivers laughs and puzzles in full.


It’s time for a visit to the eccentric Dr. Wunderbruggen’s newest brewery in Asheville! The secretive brewer has opened his operation up to a select few for the tour of a lifetime. Everything is going wonderfully until your guide notices that The Super Secret Brewing Recipe (you know, the one posted on the wall under Super Secret Brewing Recipe?) has gone missing! It’s time to go into full panic mode and find it before it falls into the hands of Dr. Wunderbruggen’s nemesis!

First Impressions:

The high energy actress took us down the hall to begin our tour, bantering with us and giving us a great way to begin getting immersed into the theme. We were then given access into the brewery and our tour began! More great interactions with our guide revealed something was amiss, and it was time to begin our frantic search for the lost recipe!

High Points:

The room was colorful and fun; a great break from the sometimes dour theming of serial killer and mystery rooms. Props begged to be interacted with, and the feeling of the room was light and comedic. The actress was very high energy and was integrated into the game in fun and interesting ways, interacting with her was a real treat. Puzzles flowed well from one to the next, and this may be the only room in which a red herring or two felt like they belonged and added to the experience. The silly nature of the room was fantastically weird and truly entertaining, but didn’t feel jarring or out of place.

Low Points:

One puzzle felt laborious in it’s execution, as completing it required a small bit of tedium in it’s accomplishment, and another had many moving parts but did not clue us into which were important. A different interaction was whimsical in it’s idea, but the prop was too delicate and had been busted by a previous group. This was quickly addressed in a glorious bit of improv, and didn’t become much of an issue.


Enter the Conundrum built on the technological and storyline based ideas from the Attic of Abigail Falkirk, and created a zany room with great flow. Enter the Conundrum has pulled off a great feat in creating a comedic room that still has good focus on the puzzles and stays weird without losing sight of it’s storyline. Stylishly meshing a theatrical experience with an escape room, Dr. Wunderbruggen’s Brewery Brouhaha is a must see when in Asheville. Book your brewery tour here!

8/10 (Great)

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