The Great Escape Cameron – Cabin in the Woods (Review)

Location: Cameron, NC

Players:  2-6 (We recommend 3-4)

Price: $25 per person or $100 for a private room

Time to Escape: 60 minutes

He’s a maniac, maniac, and he just moved next door!


A serial killer with a penchant for photography has been terrorizing the nation, but your team of investigative journalists have recently received a tip regarding his whereabouts, leading you to launch a search. Unfortunately, he has found you and is chasing you through the woods to his cabin. With little time to spare, you need to break in, grab the evidence, and escape before you become another shot for his scrapbook.

First Impressions:

The Great Escape was actually one of the easiest to find Escape Rooms we’ve been to. It seems like a minor thing, but very rarely have we spotted our destination for these sorts of experiences easily. We were blindfolded and led into the “woods” after a quick rules and story briefing, and once we were given the signal, began to break into the serial killer’s lair.

High Points:

Customer service before, during, and after our rooms were impeccable, and we very much enjoyed our interactions with the staff and owners. The room is dimly lit, but does not require flashlights, setting the mood without sacrificing accessibility. I really enjoyed the soundtrack of this room, coupled with a few other atmospheric effects that were unexpected and a lot of fun. There were a few puzzles that we had seen in previous rooms, but they were implemented in creative and interesting ways. Technology was peppered throughout the room in well hidden, but logical ways, and gave excellent feedback as necessary. The room was sufficiently creepy, and used the atmosphere and space well to instill an eerie vibe throughout. Props and clues throughout the room were used well, and the game flow only hiccuped once.

Low Points:

One puzzle’s solution felt a bit tenuous, as the cluing was vague. One particular clue led to a short, but unintended rabbit trail. The hint system worked well, but the speaker was a bit fuzzy, leading to the need for repetition of hints.


Cabin in the Woods sets itself apart from other, similarly-themed rooms in the area by providing a fully immersive experience which is creepy, but not overly scary. The well thought out puzzles will be a sometimes familiar, but fun challenge for enthusiasts, and a great introduction to escape rooms for beginners. This was my favorite room at The Great Escape, and I heartily recommend it! You can book your time in the woods here!

Full Disclosure: The Great Escape Cameron provided us with media discounted tickets 

9/10 (Excellent)

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