Elite Escape Games – Derailed (Review)

Location: Mount Pleasant, SC

Players: 2-8 (We recommend 5-6)

Price: $30 per person

Time to Escape: 60 minutes

Going off the rails on a Crazy Train!


A typical subway ride has gone completely haywire, as the train is careening completely out of control! You have one hour before you reach the end of the line, and to make matters worse, there is a bomb hidden somewhere on board! Work together with your fellow commuters to defuse the bomb and stop the train or being late for work will be the least of your worries!

First Impressions:

We had been previously shown Derailed as a work in progress room during our last trip to Elite Escape Games, and it was an idea that we were very interested in seeing implemented. The promise of a room that functions like a real train car by using hydraulics and video seemed like an immersive and fun challenge. Upon our return to Charleston, this was the room that we were most excited to try!

High Points:

The promise of immersion that we had been given was delivered upon 100%! From the moment we entered our respective cares and the train started up, the outside world was gone. Hydraulic bumps and turns combined with seeing the outside world fly by from the front of the train, creating a unique escape room experience. Puzzles fit the theme and allowed for a good bit of tactile solving and team based brainstorming, leading to many ah ha moments. Interactions also felt very responsive, with touches here and there to make the room feel even more authentic. The climax delivers a great ending, making the players feel like they’ve saved the train, as well as being appropriate to the story.

Low Points:

The splitting of the teams was an interesting idea, and worked alright, but it was disappointing for those in my car because, as is usually the case, one car had much cooler puzzles than the other initially. There did not seem to be as much for our car to do, and some of my favorite puzzle types were locked away on the other side. Fortunately, we were able to link up soon, and combine our efforts again. There were a couple of small logical leaps, but they weren’t too egregious.


Derailed is another great experience from Elite Escape Games, with a fully immersive set and fantastic puzzle design. The movement of the room, great flow, and excellent technology and interactions make this the perfect choice for beginners and newcomers alike. Book your time on the runaway train here!

Full Disclosure: Epic Escape Games provided Media Discounted tickets for our game.

8.5/10 (Great)

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