Green Light Escape Room – Kidnapped! (Review)

Location: Wilmington, NC

Players: 3-8 (We recommend 4-5)

Price: $26 per person

Time to Escape: 60 minutes

Let’s do the Time Warp, again!


A malevolently clever time traveler has been stealing inventions from throughout the timeline and using them to enrich himself in the 1800’s! This has left everything in flux, as his constant disruptions has been steadily degrading time itself. It is up to your group of agents to follow him back to his office, find what he’s taken, and use the time machine to correct the timeline before it is too late!

First Impressions:

Green Light Escape Room has a bright and welcoming lobby with a table full of puzzles for me to take apart and then hand to the poor lobby attendant when I can’t get them put back together. Customer service was also fantastic, as even though we had some problems booking (more than likely technical issues on our end,) we were able to secure our spots smoothly with a quick contact through their website.

High Points:

The later stages of this game were well done, including several original and intuitive puzzles, along with a excellent and tactile final puzzle. Game flow worked well throughout, and we never found ourselves floundering because of obtuse game design. Several engaging and well themed props could be found here, and were not only fun to play with, but were an integral part of the game design itself. There was also a fair variety of puzzles types, which allowed for the whole team to engage with the room itself. All in all, this was a solid introductory experience for new players.

Low Points:

The initial stage of the game was fairly standard, and while it included a few fun props to fiddle around with, it wasn’t all that interesting by itself. A few of the props in this area also felt worn, but not in a timeworn way. Puzzles themselves in the early game fit the theme, but did not feel as imaginative or engaging as they could with some tweaking. The climax was a great set up, but felt as if it should’ve led to more instead of ending fairly abruptly. Set design was acceptable, but didn’t quite capture the theme fully. This one may also be a bit so-so for enthusiasts, as it is definitely geared toward players new to the hobby.


Kidnapped was a fun introductory experience that included a few new surprises, but nothing too extraordinary. Still, as noted on their website it is a great beginner’s experience on it’s own, though enthusiasts might want to try a more challenging room, like Alien Escape or Escape the Roxbury, when considering Green Light Escape Room. You can book your time warp here!

6.5/10 (Alright)

Full Disclosure: Green Light Escape Room provided Media Discounted tickets for our team.

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