Masterpiece Escapes – The Deadwood Saloon (Review)

Location: Indian Trail, NC

Players: 2-8 (We recommend 4-6)

Price: $25 per person

Time to Escape: 60 Minutes

There’s gold in them thar hills!


A developer is getting ready to knock down an old west saloon in order to build some high rises, but they’ve found a vault inside that they haven’t been able to get open. Rumors abound about what could be inside, but the most prevalent of them is that it is full of gold due to the original owner’s status as a prospector! Your team has been called on to crack the safe, but the developer is getting tired of waiting around, so get it done within the hour, or they’re going to blow the saloon and the vault to smithereens!

First Impressions:

Masterpiece does a great job with their sets, building really immersive, high-quality rooms that draw you into the adventure, and The Deadwood Saloon is no exception. Small touches here and there really sell the saloon, as well as entertain you with humorous and subtle jokes. As always with their rooms, we were excited as we stepped in and were ready to puzzle, even though it was our 5th room on the day!

High Points:

Along with the amazing set, there were fun connections to Masterpiece’s other rooms, which was fun as veteran players of their rooms! Props were all very high quality, and were excellent fun to play with. The inclusion of an optional puzzle that provides a fun treat is present here, as in all Masterpiece’s rooms, and is just as rewarding the fourth time as it was the first. Puzzle flow is great, and a non-linear approach allows players to jump between puzzle types and find what they enjoy solving. Our entire team of five were fully engaged throughout this, Masterpiece’s most challenging, but in no way unfair, room. Masterpiece really knows how to surprise veteran players as well, subverting our expectations and opening up new spots without our having the slightest idea that it was going to happen. The climax to the room was excellent and provided a great payoff! Also, special thanks to Uriah and his team for helping us say farewell to our teammate Cathy by hiding a special escape gift in the room for us! We will miss you Cathy!

Low Points:

Some puzzles were a little sticky, taking a bit more finagling than usual and making the solving more frustrating at times. A puzzle nearer to the end was a bit difficult to make out at times and felt a little out of place due to it’s interior location.


The Deadwood Saloon is another great effort from the folks at Masterpiece Escapes, continuing their tradition of extremely creative puzzles and rooms! They’ve once again blown our minds with their cleverly hidden surprises and I recommend anyone near Indian Trail look them up! You can book your time in The Deadwood Saloon here!

8.5/10 (Great)

Full Disclosure: Masterpiece Escapes provided media discounted tickets for our team.

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