Exit Strategy South – Lost In Space (Review)

Location: Charlotte, NC

Players: 2-8 (We recommend 2-4)

Price: $25 per person

Time to Escape: 60 Minutes

Danger! Danger!


Your team of astronauts is testing out one of the older ships when suddenly, mid-flight, your orbit starts to decay fairly rapidly due to a systems malfunction! The intern runs off with the only escape pod, so it’s up to you to fix it as soon as possible before the ship, (and you!), burn up upon reentry!

First Impressions:

We were looking forward to our time in Lost in Space after a fun, if slightly flawed, romp through Gone. The experiences we’ve had at Exit Strategy have been mostly positive, and this was one of the last two games we needed to play in order to finish up the 10 (10!) rooms they currently have on offer.

High Points:

A lot of hands on puzzling and scavenging made for a very interactive an immersive game for most of us, (more on why I say most of us below,) and the set, while simpler, had the feel of a mechanical rocket ship down pat. One puzzle involved a certain technical part of the ship that looked and reacted interestingly throughout it’s solving, and was a lot of fun for two of us to work through. The way we activated the latter part of the game was enjoyable and felt appropriate for the theme, and most puzzles tied in well to the “fixing a broken spaceship” concept.

Low Points:

The problem with this room was that an 8 person maximum was way too much for the game. Whereas I and others had a good bit of fun, a few players didn’t really get to do  much because there just wasn’t enough for our group of 7 to engage with! Had it just been our group of 5, it still would’ve been a little crowded, which stinks, because the game itself was a fairly good time for those of us that got to play. One of the main set pieces looked like a set up for a fun climactic puzzle, but ended up being just for show, which was a huge let down. The actual climax wasn’t all that interesting, and at the point the game ended, we were all saying, “oh, it’s done? That’s it?” One puzzle was non-responsive and needed a more than usual amount of pressure to get it to work, as well as being fairly obtuse in it’s solving.


Lost in Space is one of Exit Strategy’s older games, so we can definitely see where they have improved majorly since the early days, but it is still a fun game, with a caveat. Very rarely would I say it’s crucial to book the room privately and go with a small group if possible, but for this room, it is an absolute must in order for everyone to have fun. It’s definitely a hard room to recommend otherwise, however, since our group had such wildly disparate experiences due to the linear nature of the room. You can book your trip to space here!

6/10 (Alright)


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