Finders Seekers – London (March Review)

Location: Your Home!

Players:  We recommend 1-4

Price: $30 per box

Puzzle Hunting at Home!


Each month, Finders Seekers invites you to accept a mysterious mission from the head seer. These “finds” are located in exotic cities and involve high stakes, cryptic puzzling, and shadowy societies! You’ll need a clever mind and some google-fu in order to piece together the puzzles and complete the find! And when you do, you might even receive a reward!

First Impressions:

Another snazzy box gave me an idea of what enigmas might lie inside, while still giving off an air of mystique! Finders Seekers was one of the more mysterious boxes I’d received, as each month’s location and conundrum is veiled, ensuring that what you receive in each box is a surprise in itself!

High Points:

Finders Seekers is, at it’s core, a citywide puzzle hunt playable from the comfort of your own home! As someone who enjoys puzzle hunts, this was a great way to get that experience without having to travel or wait for one of the few great hunts to roll around. This is also one of those puzzle hunts that doesn’t just present obtuse, inaccessible riddles for the puzzling elite either. It presents a well crafted challenge, but provides just enough direction to get you started, ensuring a fun experience for all skill levels. Puzzle types also run the gamut from perception based, to logical, to word games, allowing different players to have their moment to shine! Several puzzles are presented all at once, and it’s up to you to determine which props sent to you belongs with each. These high quality items are fun to interact with, and figuring out which goes with which is sometimes an exciting puzzle in itself! This month’s find was located in London, England, and it was not only an enjoyable investigation into the Queen’s missing jewels, but an educational one as facts about the locations you explore are peppered within the clues themselves. Finally, once you complete the month’s find, you can enter yourself to win a mysterious prize! I’m not sure what prize is entailed, but I do hope I can win one for myself!


Your tools for the hunt!

Low Points:

The story itself felt secondary to the puzzles, which isn’t a big deal, but we very much enjoy boxes that strike more of a balance between puzzles and story. Too much story, and there isn’t enough interaction to make the game worthwhile, but too little story tends to feel less immersive overall. We definitely prefer more puzzles to the alternative, but a little more narrative bread crumbs along the way couldn’t hurt the experience. One puzzle was slightly too obtuse, and while we had figured out the initial parts, getting to the solution from there wasn’t intuitive, but the hint system was very helpful in getting us back on track.


Finders Seekers is a great way to get your puzzle hunting fix if you’re into that style of adventure! I’m definitely intrigued by what new finds will come in the future, and look forward to virtually visiting new cities each new month! If you like an abundance of original puzzles and don’t mind story taking more of a backseat during your investigation, you’ll love these boxes! Embark on your city hopping adventure here! If you sign up using our link, we’ll receive credit towards earning a free box, and will be able to bring you more content!

7.5/10 (Good)

Full Disclosure: Finders Seekers provided a complementary box.

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