Game On Escape Rooms – Rest Easy Motel (Review)

9/20/2019 Update: The Rest Easy Motel has moved to Game On Escapes and More in Cary, NC! Book here!

Location: Morehead City, NC

Players: 2-6 (We recommend 3-4)

Price: $29 per person

Time to Escape: 60 minutes

No Rest for the Weary.


You’ve been driving for hours, and now you’re exhausted and have to pull over for the night. None too excited about spending the evening in the middle of nowhere, sleeping in your car’s back seat, you look for a place to stay. Luckily, you spot a motel sign off the next exit and pull in. It looks a little run down, but it’s the best, (and only,) option you have. Unluckily, the Rest Easy Motel has been the site of numerous disappearances over the past few years, and unless you can figure out what’s been going on, you’ll be next!

First Impressions:

At this point, Game On and their sister location were two for two with their wonderful MacGregor Manor and Cat Burglar rooms, so I was extremely excited to see what they could do with a creepy motel. Further, it looked to be a supernatural horror, rather than just another serial killer on the loose or a pack of zombies, so the anticipation was even higher, knowing what a good reputation Game On carries!

High Points:

This game flowed so beautifully and was so completely engaging for me that even though we set a record, it did not feel like we had busted out overly quickly! Non-linearity allowed for total immersion for us all, and we were able to play to each other’s strengths with the variety of expertly placed puzzles. Clues were hidden incredibly cleverly, without being obtuse or obscure, and there were several points at which an unexpected interaction would develop into a completely surprising moment for us! The spooky atmosphere was just the right amount of horror theme without being oppressively scary, and delivered excellent thrills throughout. Even though there were moments of dark/dimness throughout the adventure, there were never any moments we felt that it was used in a way that was detrimental to the game. Interaction with staff before, during, and after the game was a delight, and customer service was absolutely top notch!

Low Points:

There were breadcrumbs of a story sprinkled throughout the experience, and while it created an excellent atmosphere of mystery and suspense, there were a few dangling threads by the time we escaped. A final wrap up to the story would be excellent, but overall, I feel like the experience was more than amazing enough to make up for the lingering questions.


Game On is three for three in delivering fantastic escape room adventures, and I absolutely think they should be on any enthusiast’s to do list! These rooms would also be a top notch introduction for newbies as well, especially since Game On does an amazing job with all facets of their experiences. I cannot wait for our next trip to a Game On room, and know you’ll love them too! Book your stay at the Rest Easy Motel here!

9.5/10 (Excellent)

Full disclosure: Game On Escape Rooms provided a media discount for our group.

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