Adrenaline Entertainment Center Columbia – Russian Bomb Party (Review)

Location: Columbia, SC

Players: 2-10 (We recommend 3-5)

Price: $17.50 (advance booking) or $25 (walk-in) per person

Time to Escape: 45 minutes



A bomb has been planted in Columbia by a Russian operative, and it’s set to blow in 45 minutes unless your team can break into their lair and stop it! Try to find out who is behind this threat and disarm the many traps inside or South Carolina will meet a nuclear winter!

First Impressions:

The last couple rooms we had tried at Adrenaline, Riddle High and Federal Bank Robbery, were fairly good and competent rooms, and while the theme of Russian Bomb Party seemed somewhat heavy for a family focused escape room, we were willing to give it a go!

High Points:

The set of this room is definitely the best of the three rooms we experienced at Adrenaline, with excellent lighting accompanying an interesting set that featured all manner of Russian propaganda and weaponry. Most puzzles were fairly practical and made sense on the whole, with bits of technology peppered throughout to bring a modern and somewhat magical feel to the room. The props are well built and lend a fun tactile nature to the game.

Low Points:

The soundtrack in the room was a loop of overly loud Russian anthems, assaulting our ears like a rapidly firing AK-47. It got old really fast, and didn’t really help with the immersion or themeing really. Game flow was choppy, and for a family friendly room, tended to have clues hidden high above even our tallest member’s head for no discernible reason. The structure of the clues within the room tended to range from somewhat reasonable logical leaps to completely unreasonable, seeming to demand we read the mind of the designer on several occasions. Like in Federal Bank Robbery, weird American political references abounded, making us wonder what purpose they served beyond just being there. A couple of times puzzles just triggered in seemingly random ways, confirming a solve we hadn’t even engaged with yet. There is crawling required within this room and it is immensely uncomfortable, with the hole being incredibly difficult to make it through for even our smallest member. While the room is family friendly, the puzzles in the adjoining room can be too high or perhaps too difficult for your usual child, so this crawlspace absolutely must be widened for comfort. Anyone who can’t make it through the wall by crawling might miss out on several puzzles due to the almost nonexistent cluing towards how to open the main door between rooms.


Overall, Russian Bomb Party is a jumbled mess of a room that doesn’t really seem to go anywhere story wise. The puzzle flow is incredibly choppy and the cluing within the room definitely does not alleviate any of the problems within. Furthermore, the room’s theme and puzzles tend to stray from the family friendly theme that Adrenaline seems to be trying to capture with their other rooms. With much better rooms available at Adrenaline, I don’t recommend checking this one out. However, if you want to experience this one for yourself, you can do so here.

4/10 (Subpar)

Full Disclosure: Adrenaline Entertainment Center Columbia provided comped tickets for our team.

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