At Home Games I’ve Loved Before Part II – Recommendations for Sheltering in Place

Hi All!

I’m continuing this short series of at home recommendations, this week looking into some of my favorite retail at home escape games. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wear on, we’re definitely missing getting out for escape room marathons, (and getting out in general,) but these are some great substitutes until we can get back in the swing of things!

At Home Escape Games:

There are some really great at home games available from your friendly local games store that simulate the experience of an escape room pretty well. Here are a few of our favorites!

Thames and Kosmos:

Adventure Games: Monochrome Inc. – We haven’t gotten our full review of the new Adventure Games line from Thames and Kosmos, the masterminds behind the wonderfully creative Exit: the Game series, but if you’re looking for a heavily story based game based on the point and click adventure games that saw their golden age in the 90s, this is the game for you! Full of great surprises and fun inventory based puzzling, this one is a blast! The run time is also fairly long, taking us a good four hours or so to finish completely.

Exit: The Game: The Sinister Mansion – I love spooky, and I love Exit: The Game. These escape games in a box are always deviously clever, with so many creative and varied puzzles, and The Sinister Mansion is definitely one of my favorites, as it is part of a longer, ongoing meta story. Luckily, you can start anywhere with these, and the out of the box interactions are sure the keep players on their toes!

Exit: The Game: Dead Man on the Orient Express – This is currently Exit’s game to beat. A perfect mix of storytelling, mystery solving, and well integrated puzzles, this game evolves the standard formula of Exit and takes it to new heights! I’d caution against playing this one first, however, as it’s a doozy, even for established puzzlers, but if you like Exit’s other offerings, you’ll adore this one.

You can read all of our Exit: The Game reviews here!



Unlock! The Adventures of Oz – Another game we never quite got around to reviewing due to a massive backlog in 2018, The Adventures of Oz is an amazingly fun, yet enormously challenging Unlock escape! One of the most compelling games Space Cowboys has put out to date, it innovated the basic formula in non-frustrating ways, and brings the world of Oz to life in a way that will give any puzzle enthusiast a run for their money!

Unlock! The Tonipal’s Treasure – My favorite of the bunch, because pirates, but also because great puzzles! The Tonipal’s Treasure is a challenging Unlock! game that delivers some awesome twists and beautifully constructed puzzle threads. The final meta puzzle was a delight, and there was even a secret bonus game tied to this adventure! Though the ultimate prize has long since been claimed, it is still playable online.

Unlock! A Noside Story – Doctor Noside is a fantastic cartoon villain, and his exploits over the course of Squeak and Sausage and A Noside Story are fun to foil. Easily some of the best at home escape romps, the cartoon logic is fun to wrap your head around, and the challenge is set to a manageable level, ensuring this one is fun for the whole family!

Our archive of Unlock! reviews are here!


Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment – The Werewolf Experiment is a great intro to at home escape games for newbies, and though it was really cute and fun to puzzle through for us, escape enthusiasts may find it a bit too easy for their liking. However, we had a great time, and absolutely think families and new players will love it!

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