Conundrum Escapes – Airship Legacy (Review)

Location: Garner, NC

Players:  2-10 (We recommend 4-5)

Price: $27.63 per person

Time to Escape: 60 minutes

A world of anachronism, wonder, and clockwork!


Conundrum Labs specializes in creating interdimensional rifts in time and space in order to send agents into situations where they can help those who need it across the multiverse! In Airship Legacy, a girl named Molly needs your help to ensure she receives the inheritance her late uncle left behind for her. A brilliant clockwork inventor, Molly’s uncle hid away his plans for a new airship that’s sure to be a gold mine! Unfortunately, he died under mysterious circumstances and was unable to communicate the method of finding the plans. To make matters worse, an evil Duke is set to take everything that is rightfully Molly’s should she fail to snatch the plans from under his nose. You’ve been teleported to the presumed location of the plans, but you’ve only 60 minutes before the portal closes, so be quick!

First Impressions:

Conundrum is a fairly new business, and their lobby is still evolving, but they presented a welcoming face through their staff, as well as by presenting us with small hand made puzzle boxes to work on while we waited for our booked time to begin. These were fun little warm ups that contained a few fun surprises, and helped get us into the puzzling mindset.

High Points:

The ongoing theme of Conundrum Labs is an interesting way to tie multiple rooms with disparate themes together throughout the business, and helps with the immersion right off the bat. The original steampunk theme was well conveyed, and the room was lightheartedly themed and well focused. Puzzles ran across a good range, and were varied, allowing everyone a chance to shine. Props are true to the theme, and are great fun to interact with. Puzzles included a fair amount of original interactions and hand-built items that were obviously lovingly crafted. The climax of the room is surprising and appropriately entertaining.

Low Points:

There was one instance of outside knowledge needed for a puzzle, it was light, but I can definitely see a few groups being unable to progress if they don’t know the answer. One technical interaction felt fairly finicky, and though we had the solution correct, we had to try it several times in order to trigger the unlocking mechanism. One of the penultimate puzzles is a personal least favorite of mine, and my group agreed that it didn’t feel up to par with the rest of the room’s quality.


Airship Legacy is a great first room for Conundrum, combining technological and mechanical puzzles within an original theme.  For beginners, it will be a good first foray into escaping, and will provide an exciting introduction to escape room tropes, and enthusiasts will enjoy the unique theme and puzzles within. With more rooms coming just on the horizon, I recommend giving this room a shot! You can book your interdimensional travel here!

7.5/10 (Good)

Full Disclosure: Conundrum Escapes provided Media discounted tickets for our team