Captive Escape Rooms – Charlotte’s Attic (Review)

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

Players:  2-7 (We Recommend 2-3)

Price: $27 per person

Time to Escape: 60 minutes

Redrum! Redrum!


Your team of investigators has recently picked up an old case file regarding the murder/suicide of a single father and his two young girls. Something about the file irks you, as it seems not to be the open and shut case the police made it out to be. You’ve arrived on the scene, and have an hour to find out what really happened in Charlotte’s Attic.

First Impressions:

The location Captive calls home is a very impressively creepy older building. Climbing the stairs to the lobby is part of the fun, as the dark wood and antique mirror set the tone for their more horror based rooms. They have a very comfortable lobby and a great, customer service focused staff. The briefing was concise and delivered the rules without fluff.

High Points:

The room itself was themed very nicely, and had the feel of a dilapidated old attic down well. The room felt immersive in that it’s soundtrack and the dark, foreboding atmosphere of the room heightened the creep factor. The puzzles were fun to solve for a small group, though the later puzzles were definitely the best, as they were the most tangible and related to the story very well. The storyline and ending were well done, and the paranoia and madness were delivered in a slowly building way. There was a definite cohesive flow between puzzles that worked well.

Low Points:

The hint system is not well done. Staff do not have any interaction with the room unless you ring the doorbell to summon them, and then explain where in the process you are. There are no cameras or sound hooked up, so your group is led into the room, and are not monitored in any way, leading to such a frustrating and immersion breaking hint system. Progression is extremely linear, which, for our group of 2 was not bad, but any more than that, and you may feel you have too many cooks in the kitchen. Puzzles were competent for the most part, but some random math and off theme puzzles felt out of place, overall.  In the middle of summer and on the second floor, this room did not have air conditioning and as such, it was absolutely sweltering in the room. Though the rooms had only been open for a month, it seems counterintuitive to open the room to the public before ensuring the a/c works. Presumably this is being fixed, but I’d make sure it’s 100% done before booking.


Charlotte’s Attic delivers an immersive and creepy experience, but the game is easily marred should you need a hint, as the system for hint delivery leaves much to be desired. A larger group will have trouble finding something for everyone to do, but a smaller group will be well entertained. The room is a solid classic experience, but does not innovate much in today’s market. Beginners will definitely enjoy this introductory experience, while enthusiasts will find the theming immersive, though they may escape much quicker. I recommend trying this one out if you’re in the area, as it definitely is more of a classic, early escape room experience. You can book your time in the Attic here!


6.5/10 (Alright)