Holiday Hiatus and Another Recommendation!

Happy Winter Solstice, Festivus, Christmas, New Years, and Holiday Season! We’ll be travelling during the upcoming couple weeks, so it’s time for another quick hiatus to close out the year. Escape Room Adventurer will return January 7th with new reviews.

In the mean time, if you took our recommendation during the Thanksgiving break, you might have finished the astounding Barrow Hill. If not, I highly recommend checking that game out; fans of adventure and immersive puzzling will surely love it. If you have played Barrow Hill, perhaps you’ll like another Adventure Game favorite of mine, also available from Shadow Tor and Darkling Room, The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure. The Lost Crown is not only an incredible adventure game, filled with exploration, puzzles, and a complex supernatural mystery, but a work of stylistically brilliant art. Set in a mostly black and white world, Jonathan Boakes uses pops of color, excellent sound design, and photographically imaged backgrounds to truly transport the player into the town of Saxton. This independently produced game has provided me with many hours of entertainment, and I think puzzle enthusiasts will have a great time with it as well. It can be purchased DRM-free from the Shadow Tor Studios website here!

Thanksgiving Hiatus, and a Recommendation!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Escape Adventurer will be taking a week off this week for the holiday travels to ensure editing doesn’t conflict with stuffing faces! We’ll be back with new reviews next week. In the mean time, might I suggest my favorite PC game of all time, Barrow Hill? It’s an excellent point and click adventure I’ve played many times since it’s release in 2006, and a fantastic fall companion. The archaeology, mystery, and spooky vibe is sure to thrill, and it was developed by the legendary Matt Clark. You can pick up a copy of this game, and many of the other amazing and independently developed Shadow Tor/Darkling Room games here! (FYI, it’s the second from the end. Barrow Hill has an excellent sequel available near the top of the page, but it won’t make as much sense to play that one first.)