Escape in 60 – Egyptian Tomb (Review)

Location: Charleston, SC

Players:  2-8 (We recommend 4-5)

Price: $28 per person

Time to Escape: 60 minutes

Unwilling protectors of the tomb!


You are the loyal servants of the Pharaoh, who has just passed on into the Duat, and as is tradition when the Pharaoh dies, you are to be sealed within the tomb as well, so that you may serve him for all eternity! Not feeling quite so loyal anymore, you and your fellow servants are determined to escape. But you’ll have to act fast, as not only is the tomb being sealed, your oxygen within the burial chamber is running out fast! Figure out the ancient riddles, and find your way out before you find yourself on the path to Anubis as well!

First Impressions:

Egyptian Tomb is Escape in 60’s newest room, and it definitely shows within it’s set design. Excellently designed props and puzzles littered the room, and felt as though it was full of secrets to uncover. We could not wait to get started! Our favorite GM ran us through the rules again and we were off to the races!

High Points:

As previously mentioned in our review for Davy Jones Locker, the rooms at Escape in 60 really capture the vibe of some of my favorite online and app based escape rooms. Egyptian Tomb is no exception, and includes more technology, as well as custom made keypads in order to present a sense of magic when solving the puzzles within. I really liked the implementation of these unique keypads, which were able to replace the use of traditional locks in clever ways, as well as present brand new puzzle types we hadn’t yet encountered! Solving the game slowly opened up the room unexpectedly and displayed an excellent use of the space provided. Set design helped to conceal secrets perfectly, and was also Escape in 60’s best and most immersive set yet! Props included were excellent additions to the game, and a certain puzzle we’d seen a few times was made more interesting via it’s presentation. The experience is mostly linear with non-linear branches, but keeps the whole group entertained with it’s breadth of puzzle types and inclusion of fantastic hints you’ll have to scour the room to discover!

Low Points:

Game flow in this room included much less connective tissue than other rooms at Escape in 60. Though you want the game to have a sense of mystery and not be overly clear in order to present a challenge, this game crosses the line into being a little bit obtuse at times. One particular puzzle relies on a fairly vague clue that was clearly decipherable once we took a hint, but beforehand was very difficult to spot, some clearer direction might help immensely. Another puzzle that relies on a sense that isn’t usually used is presented in a great way, but does not allow for a method to “reset” between identifications. There is a red herring that was included which seemed like it would’ve been a lot more fun as a full fledged puzzle, and another that used to be part of a puzzle, and provided for what sounded like a much cooler solving method, but had been removed, while references to it were still included in the room.


Egyptian Tomb is a very good puzzling adventure with a few hiccups here and there that, when corrected, could help the room really shine. As it is, though, it’s still an excellent time, including clever puzzles, a beautiful set, and a lot of fun interactions within the ancient tomb! I definitely recommend giving it a shot. You can book your breakout from the tomb here!

7.5/10 (Good)

Full Disclosure: Escape in 60 provided comped tickets for our game.