Green Light Escape Room – Escape the Roxbury (Review)

Location: Wilmington, NC

Players:  3-10 (We recommend 4-5)

Price: $26 per person

Time to Escape: 60 minutes

What is love?


The world’s most bumbling criminal has sent a bomb threat to the FBI, letting them know that his target, The Roxbury, has been littered with explosives and set to blow in one hour. Barely believing the threat, the Bureau sends it’s most incompetent team of Agents, you! Unfortunately, the threat is all too real, and you’ll need to find all the bombs and safely dispose of them before they blow you away!

First Impressions:

Kidnapped! was a good game, and we were looking forward to a rare, and more challenging, comedy room. The story delivered to us was pretty funny, so we were very ready to get started, as we were led down the hall and into the room itself.

High Points:

Once we had made our way into the Roxbury itself, the room kicked into high gear as the DJ table, bar, and other parts of the room had a great assortment of fun props to mess around with. The DJ table itself was excellent fun, especially for one player who spent a good bit of time enjoying the turntable and it’s many buttons and knobs. Her discovery of the volume knob made for a hilarious misadventure of unintended humor as well. The second half of the game has several really fun puzzles that jump from spot to spot in the room, and allow for a non linear mode of solving which engaged the whole group. Set design for the club itself was immersive and a lot of fun to explore and interact with.

Low Points:

We were surprised by the banality of our initial entrance into the room, as we were expecting the nightclub, but we were ushered into an employee break room for the nightclub instead. While the set design for this stage of the game obviously looked like a break room, it wasn’t exactly an interesting set to start a room in. For a comedy room, most jokes were mildly amusing, and the humor was mostly referential, so for those who aren’t in the know, the comedy will fall flat. The storyline to start the room was appropriately zany, but might be too topical to stay humorous for long, and once the room began, the story didn’t really continue through the escape. One particular puzzle seemed sort of random, as there wasn’t really any direction toward it and it didn’t seem like a puzzle until we were given a clue that it was.


Escape the Roxbury is an enjoyable game with several minor flaws. Though it doesn’t quite reach the comedic goals it sets for itself, it does provide a good game that could be built upon further to deliver a more immersive and thrilling escape. Book your trip to the Roxbury here!

7/10 (Good)

Full Disclosure: Green Light Escape Room provided Media Discounted tickets for our group.