Breakout Greensboro – Operation: Casino (Review)

Location: Greensboro, NC (There are locations nationwide, however.)

Price: $25.99 per person

Players: 2-8 (We recommend 3-4)

Time to Escape: 60 Minutes

Shaken, not stirred


An MI6 agent has gone missing while investigating a shadowy syndicate of villains! He had tracked down their base of operations to a high roller casino in Breakout City, but has since gone dark. It is up to you to follow the trail of clues to determine where the agent has gone and finish what he started! But be quick about it, he doesn’t have much time to spare!

First Impressions:

The small casino we entered was flashy and inviting, and we started to notice hidden objects and puzzles from the moment we stepped in, getting us psyched up for our super-spy adventure!

High Points:

The themeing of the room is impeccable as the casino game tables and items are all very convincing, and every puzzle ties into the story realistically. Game flow is great and connections made between clues and the puzzles they correspond with are intuitive but challenging. The room itself is extremely interactive, presenting a bevy of props and mechanical puzzles that are exciting to interact with and produce surprising effects throughout! Production values and GM interaction was top notch during our visit as well. Specific puzzles were original and well thought out, some of which presented what appeared to be random results, but great care was obviously taken to ensure that each one worked in such a way as to lead to just one solution.

Low Points:

One specific puzzle near the beginning of the game was not properly reset, leading us to believe something else had triggered it and leading us to miss out on a puzzle. The latter half of the game was less interesting, as the decor presented was more sparse and just felt like an extra room instead of a back office or high roller’s den. The puzzles we used to identify the missing agent felt on mission, but we never felt like there was a point we saved him or took down the syndicate, leading to a fairly anticlimactic end.


Operation: Casino is one of my favorite games at Breakout, as it presents a cohesive mission, exciting set and puzzle design, and great reveals! I highly recommend giving it a shot at your local franchise, as it is an excellent choice for players new and old! Book your undercover mission here!

8/10 (Great)