Society of Curiosities – Ch.2: The Posey Ring (Review)

Kara’s Note: This review was brought to you by me! 😊

Location: Your Home!

Players:  We recommend 1-4

Price: $19.50/month OR $49/every 3 months OR $179/year


From the Society of Curiosities Website:

A mysterious Posey Ring leads you to Victorian England in search of an ancient alchemical manuscript.

Study the artifacts, articles, and expert resources to discover the location the manuscript and dispatch your team to recover it.

First Impressions

I’m always amazed with how much content can be packed into the relatively small envelopes puzzle makers send us, and this game was no exception! If the Posey Ring is anything similar to the Society of Curiosities’ first chapter, I was excited to get lost in another mystery and see what was in store for us this time!

Yay Points

In addition to the multitude of puzzles provided, we were also struck by their variety. I don’t think we needed to repeat any of our solving methods! With so many types, it was impressive how unique and well-themed each one of them was. The props for each enigma were extremely fun to work with and were well-designed, with the game being pretty tactile-based overall. I appreciated many of the interactions and really enjoyed the effects that resulted (science rules! :D). There was even a neat destructible state puzzle, and, as a result of it, we were pleasantly surprised to be left with a pretty decent tasting drink.

The game flow of the Posey Ring was really smooth. For the most part, we were pretty clear on what items we needed to work with each step of the way, and didn’t have much aimless searching. It was very satisfying to see solutions start to reveal themselves as we figured out what props to put together (and how) and to see the puzzle put itself into place.   

Most all of the technical interactions were intuitively placed throughout, and really boosted our experience of the game. At one point, we were directed to an interesting website that provided some great interactions, and honestly, I just appreciated the puns. There were also multiple video clips that displayed different plot points, and featured our text-based bot friend performing the interactions we guided him to do and the results of those actions. These clips were really helpful in immersing us into the mystery and were just really fun to watch.

Our bot-friend was seamlessly integrated, and really enhanced both the direction and feel of the experience as well. The bot’s character had a fun personality, which came through not just with the video clips that depicted his actions, but also his responses to our messages. We were even able to goof around with him a bit, which was impressive!

Pondering Points

There was one point in the game where we were surprisingly lost. After a lot of hint taking, we realized we missed a puzzle by not telling our bot-friend something that we had actually already found earlier. It wasn’t intuitive to us that we would need to convey this particular finding, and we lost some time since we didn’t receive the clue directing us to and helping us figure out to solve a certain set of props.

Final Verdict

The Posey Ring was a really fun and immersive home game experience, and I would highly recommend this chapter, (as well as the first,) of the Society of Curiosities’ subscription mystery games. This one in particular had an added bonus of the second half feeling similar to an escape room, which my partner (of course,) appreciated. Check them out for yourselves here!

8.5/10 (Great)

Full Disclosure: Society of Curiosities provided a complementary mailing.